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City Hall of Murcia

Murcia, Spain
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Designed by Rafael Moneo, the annex to the City Hall of Murcia is located in the historical center of the city, in the square Cardinal Belluga, together with the cathedral of the 16th century and the Episcopal Palace from 1768.

The big design challenge for Moneo was to face a modern institutional building opposite two religious buildings of strong historical tradition. The material used for the exterior of the building is brick and a native sandstone typical of the Region of Murcia. In the interior, the architect used panels of wood and stucco for the walls, and stone and wood for the floors. Moneo also took part as counselor of the election for the furniture of the interior.

The facade is the most important element of this building. Rafael Moneo focused all his efforts to compose it and that this one could compose in a dialogue with its environment. Moneo thought about a musical score for the order of the columns, and about a glass balcony to break the symmetry, and from which the mayor could appear to the city. The building has diverse rooms of conferences and meetings, and a cafe, to which one accedes for the pit of the facade.

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enbake, April 15th, 2013
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