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Solar Pergola

Barcelona, Spain
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The Solar Pergola has been developed in the context of a European Union Project, EUPRES. Martinez Lapena - Torres Arquitectos design the building while Phonix SonnenStrom AG was responsible for supporting the design phase, advising on the tendering and ensuing technical evaluation processes, as well as providing technical know-how on the development of the monitoring concept.

The Solar Pergola consists of 2,668 monocrystalline modules. The surface area of the pergola measures 112 by 50 metres - approximately equivalent to the size of a football pitch. With a height of up to 50 metres the pergola, besides delivering environmentally-friendly electricity, also serves to provide shade for the visitors to the Forum. The Solar Pergola was one of the attractions of the World Forum of Culture and, as such, will bring solar electricity technology closer to a very broad audience. A total of 1.3 megawatts of photovoltaic modules were installed on the site, corresponding to the yearly electricity needs of about 1,000 inhabitants of Barcelona.

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daniele, August 18th, 2017
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