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Cafe Del Bosque

Medellin, Colombia
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The building is at the entrance to the Botanical Garden. Its presence on the corner of Carabobo makes it the first representative image of the Garden. Conformed by ocher concrete walls, inclined outwards, elliptical geometry that moves to overlap the walls and create at the break the doors. The sound of water in constant circulation along its entire edge, isolates the noise of the city. The roof overhang allows a more outspoken exterior relationship, defined only by the shade.

Coffee and boutique work both inside the garden and towards the city. In front of the cafe there is a terrace-balcony facing the city, which is surrounded by slopes and shaded by trees. The surface of the roof and its mineral finish in continuity with the wall, are fundamentally witness to the weather, reflected in the patina of water marks, lichens and mosses, to turn the building into a mineral vacuum that is diluted in the vegetable garden. The Cafe del Bosque is more than a building, it proposes to create an atmosphere of environments that link the Garden and the city.

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bostjan, March 24th, 2017
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