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Garden Estate Teller

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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The housing block was built in 1927 and suggested to the city of Frankfurt am Main by the gardening association of the “Teller” area. The settlement plan and floor plan were designed by architect Franz Rockle. The purpose of the settlement was to create a novel system for intensive gardening since the current extensive operation of the gardening trade in Frankfurt am Main no longer met modern economic requirements. The "Teller" area was therefore divided into twenty plots of 37 acres, each with a greenhouse system in an extension of about 300 square meters in each plot. The building plots and the immediate surroundings were leased by garden workers. The settlement was financed by loans from the Prussian Ministry of Agriculture and the Province of Hellen-Nallau against the assumption of guaranteed city support. The buildings are built in masonry with sheet roofs. The buildings were given a white tint while the woodwork of the commercial wings kept yellow.

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