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Sena Building

Bogota, Colombia
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The Sena building of 1958 is an important step towards utilizing concrete in its maximum expression. This building designated for teaching is located on a small site and height was used as a design solution to achieve the desired effect. The block has a north-south orientation; the intense sunlight coming from the south is diffused by a concrete grid, and from the south with terraces. The image of the building is an imposing mass, with a pronounced accent of light and shade due to the management of modeling in its facade. However, the element most memorable in the building is the access columns due to their geometrical and expressive shape. They open up space for a small bus terminal. In the Sena building, the pale. of materials is reduced. concrete and highly detailed design in wood and brick, serving as a counterpoint for the lower blocks of the secondary road.

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daniele, June 1st, 2017
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