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Al Mutawaa Tower

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Al Mutawaa tower / S&P architects + DL architect

The design concept for Al Mutawaa Tower in Dubai is based on the torsion of its storeys around a fixed core. As a consequence, the tower varies in its appearance from every angle and offers various unexpected perspectives. Metal rings in front of the facade not only emphasize the flowing shape of the building but simultaneously provide sun protection.

Various public areas like conference rooms, restaurants, shops and a health club are situated in a three-storey base. Large openings in the facade evoke connections to the surrounding exterior space and dissolve the plinth which reaches down five storeys below ground level to provide parking space for 1050 vehicles. A cylindrical inner core, which contains 14 elevators and various service rooms, forms the circulation zone for the tower's 38 floors: an undulating airspace that mirrors the shifting facade from the inside. It is embraced by the different office floors, which can be adapted to their user's individual wishes on the basis of a predefined.

Due to its laconic shape Al Mutawaa Tower (100.000sqm of floor area), offers a significant exterior which even in a city bristling with high-rises - like Dubai - has the chance to become a landmark. In cooperation with DL architect.

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sohnepartner, November 11th, 2013
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