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Aleksandr Dmitriev

St. Petersburg, Russia
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Alexander Ivanovich Dmitriev (1878-1959, Leningrad), architect and architectural critic, Ph.D in architecture (1947), full member of the Academy of Architecture (1939), an honourable member of the Academy of Architecture and Urban Planning of the USSR (1956). He resided in St. Petersburg since 1895. He graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineers (1900) and from the Academy of Fine Arts (1903). In 1904-30, he taught at the Institute of Civil Engineers. In the 1900s, he dedicated himself to architectural critique (collaborated with magazines The Architect, The Builder, News of the Society of Civil Engineers). He participated in the creation of interiors of the mansion of Kschessinska. The City School House of Peter the Great (1909-11; 2 Petrogradskaya Embankment), designed in the shapes of Neo-Baroque, is among the buildings designed by Dmitriev. He carried out the reconstruction of the Admiralty ship yard (203 Fontanka River, Embankment, 1908-12). In 1908-12, he worked as a chief technician of the City Administration. In 1912-17 he was a member of the Technical Urban Planning Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After October 1917, he participated in the construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Svir River (Svirbuilding), in the 1920s-30s he worked in Ukraine.His most important building is the Palace of Culture for the Railway Workers in Kharkiv from 1927-32.

St. Petersburg, Russia