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Snezana Curcin

Belgrade, Serbia
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Snezana Trbojevic Curcin graduated in Faculty of Architecture Belgrade and is the rare architect who in Faculty of Civil Engineering Belgrade obtained the Master degree on Civil Science -Graduate in Civil Engineering - Master's thesis: "The optimization of the Construction erection under the uncertainty conditions". During postgraduate studies, she was particularly interested in the issues of operational research, monitoring of the realization and management of investment projects, organization, and economics of construction products, and the application of modern methods and procedures in construction. In particular, during the course of the study and later in the long-term practice in Belgrade, Serbia, she was engaged with parallel developing of design works and optimizing the construction period of construction objects.

During the twenty years of practice in Russia, one of very interesting and technically complicated project was at town Chelyabinsk area with the Client "Carbo Ceramics" from USA who constructed in northern Russia the factory of ceramic "propant", the "propant is the granulated powder which is made from bauxites and clay-kaolin and it is used in the oil and gas industry for break of petroliferous layers and increase of efficiency of extraction of hydro carbonic raw material. The challenged managing and coordinating of Civil & MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) design works under integrating the technology equipment was developed with parallel execution of construction works at the site area, which enabled the total construction period to remain within the contractual time schedule, whereby the company achieved a satisfactory profit.

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Belgrade, Serbia
bostjan, November 22nd, 2018
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