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Zagreb, Croatia
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SKROZ: Ivana Zalac, Margita Grubisa, Marin Jelcic, Daniela Skarica

SKROZ was founded in 2008 as a result of a long-term collaboration of its founders - Margita Grubisa, Marin Jelcic, Daniela Skarica, Ivana Zalac. In more than 10 years' time many young and perspective professionals have contributed to SKROZ architecture, which engages in the research and creation of space. Their interests include different scales from urban mini-interventions, interiors and buildings, to urban and natural landscapes.

They strive to integrate different disciplines and knowledge as they truly believe that diversity is an added value that provides new perspective and enrichment to creative solutions. From initial concept up to realization design process rarely stays intact and straightforward. Often encountered with different limitations, balancing and juggling on the edge of architecture - hacking the space, improvisation, humour, stretching the frame are all the methods by which architectural office SKROZ makes the best out of given situation and achieves added value in architectural projects.


SKROZ projects have been awarded on numerous occasions; Labin Public Library was nominated for international Piranesi award in 2013 and Mies van der Rohe award in 2015. In 2013 the project was awarded with Bernardo Bernardi award and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia award Vladimir Nazor , International ICOGRADA Excellence Award in 2014. In 2017- ARTUR - professional award for architecture in tourism - conceptual design. In 2018 they receive ed several awards for different projects at the Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad. In 2018 project Chickenville received Croatian Designers Association award for complete project on biennale exhibition 2017. In 2019 FRESH+BOLD award from Days of Architecture Sarajevo.

Recently SKROZ projects were nominated by Croatian Architecture Association in two categories: Bernardo Bernardi award for the new City Stairs in Ploce and Viktor Kovacic award for the project Black Slavonian Eco Pig Farm.

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Zagreb, Croatia
bostjan, November 2nd, 2022
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