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Rietveld Landscape

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Ronald Rietveld, the landscape architect

Rietveld Landscape was founded by landscape architect Ronald Rietveld after he won the Prix de Rome Architecture 2006. In 2003 he graduated cum laude from the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

From its start economist and philosopher Erik Rietveld (Harvard University) and Atelier de Lyon have been part of the studio's core team. Moreover, according to the specific needs of each project Rietveld Landscape collaborates with external designers and specialists.

Many of th projects deal with large current developments such as floods, increasing urbanization, extreme rainfall and drought, ecology and sustainability, infrastructure, and the changing meaning of public space. Their interventions add a new and understandable layer to the site's specific history. The relevant scale of the project may vary from a square to a whole region.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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mariathuroczy, October 27th, 2011
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