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Ricardo Legorreta

Mexico City, Mexico
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Ricardo Legorreta Vilchis (May 7th, 1931 - December 30th, 2011) was a Mexican architect. He studied architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. In 1960 he established his own practice. Later he was a principal of the studio Legorreta + Legorreta which he was leading with his son Victor. Legorreta's work is easily recognized for its brightly-colored geometric shapes.

Legorreta is a disciple of Luis Barragan. Legorreta used elements of Barragan's architecture in his work including bright colors, play of light and shadow, and solid Platonic geometric shapes. One of the important contributions of Legorreta has been the use of these elements in other building types such as hotels, factories as well as in commercial and educational buildings. his most famous works are the Camino Real Hotel and the HAL Factory in Guadalajara.

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Mexico City, Mexico
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