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Francisco Artigas

Mexico City, Mexico
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Francisco Artigas was born in Mexico City in 1916, within a traditional family. Because of uncertain times family left Mexico City and settled in his mother's place in Cotija, Michoacan. Here Artigas discovered vernacular architecture of Michoacan which had an important impact on his architecture.

Artigas later discovered American modern architecture through magazines and short trips. He was fascinated by it, especially he admired Frank Lloyd Wright and Albert Frey. On the other hand he was influenced by Oscar Niemeyer, whom he discovered through Brazilian magazines, sent by his sister Emilia del Olmo from Sao Paulo.

Francisco Artigas complete his projects in 1950s and 1960s in Pedregal in Mexico City. The first stage of Pedregal starts with Luis Barragan and Max Cetto. The second stage was the proposal of Artigas Casa del Puente.

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Mexico City, Mexico
bostjan, April 14th, 2016
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