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Njiric+ Arhitekti

Zagreb, Croatia
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Hrvoje Njiric, the founder

njiric+ arhitekti was founded by Hrvoje Njiric in 2001 and is based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Hrvoje Njiric gained acknowledgement in the 90's with projects developed by the former njiric+njiric partnership. The schemes for Europan (3 first prizes) and Slovenian projects for Baumaxx and McDonald's were widely published and awarded. The new practice evolved from and continued the work of the former office.

njiric+ regards architecture to be much more than a physical definition of its boundaries or a formal assemblage of building materials. It's non-physical aspects are about phenomena of contemporary society and mass culture.

Urban studies were undertaken extensively throughout the 90's and significantly less in the last decade, due to the collapse of public realm in Croatia. The exemplary nature of the projects is derived from the necessity to tackle different issues and to push them to the limits.

Working on the projects outside Croatia is a chance to offer new answers to the same questions - mainly in housing domain, tourism and territorial operations.

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Zagreb, Croatia
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lacuna, May 16th, 2012
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