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Muramatsu Architects

Tokyo, Japan
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Motoyasu Muramatsu founded Muramatsu Architects as a design-oriented office in Tokyo in 1993. Motoyasu Muramatsu has worked on a variety of public and private works. He has extensive experience in the care facilities for the elderly, residential work and furniture design. Other projects include medical facilities, church, commercial facilities, offices, museum, educational facility, and aquarium. He establishes a beautiful presence in the environment, and evokes a feeling of balmy atmosphere, whether in city, suburb or countryside.

His theme is to penetrate into the relationship between people and environments, to convert those invisible relationships into tangible forms.

His objective is to create architectural serial spaces, places and times that establish relationships between people and environment where people live in, in order to enable people experiencing those spaces and times to liberate themselves from many preconceptions and stresses of contemporary society and to rediscover themselves and to believe being happy.

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Tokyo, Japan
  1. Archello
gemazzz, June 20th, 2013
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