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Milos Bonca

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Milos Bonca graduated at Ljubljana's Faculty of Architecture in 1958 at Edvard Ravnikar's studio which invited him to be a part of group planners for the Revolution Square in Ljubljana, where he worked in the years 1960-1973. In 1960 he became an assistant of Ravnikar's studio at Faculty of Architecture. After finishing his PhD at the University of Skopje in 1980 he became an associate professor at Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana.

Together with Savin Sever, Stanko Kristl, Milan Mihelic, Oton Jugovec and others he belong to the first post-war generation of graduates of Professor Edvard Ravnikar. In difficult post war period they demonstrated how to create contemporary architecture on the basis of their own tradition. Although was Bonca increasingly devoted to teaching at faculty, he succeed to create important architectural opus. During its realization is worth mentioning the Trading House in Siska (1960-64), the Trade pavilion (1964-66), atrial house in Przan (1965-67). He created numerous offices of the Ljubljanska Banka in different cities in Slovenija: Kocevje (1976-78), Krsko (1977-79), Ribnica (1969-71) and Celje (1972-75). Other awarded buildings include the Technical Centre LB in Ljubljana (1978-1985), business center in Mozirje (1972-76) and commercial residential palace in Celje (1984-86). His buildings are placed to the local context. His interpolation approach with the respect of local tradition is seen also in his later works: the renovation of the National Assembly in Ljubljana (1996-97) and at the rectory in Sentjernej (1998-99).

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
bostjan, April 29th, 2014
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