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Zaragoza, Spain
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G///bang is an architectural concept created by the architect Jose Javier Gallardo. It is focused on the understanding of the architecture that makes people think, as with architecture happens the same then with people. What makes a person attractive? His charisma, his movements, his mystery... The G///bang concept concerns on architecture that provokes feelings, somehow risky, as something they often denominate as 'sexy architecture' and this happens when its attractive power as to do with an adequate speech and theoretical thought, when it reveals feelings or unsuspected uses without forgetting its own programmed uses, when there is intelligence and a concept behind a 'nice shape'. It can be said that do make architecture one has to be a thug baby and, at the same time, responsible: thug, to attract attention from outside and create mystery, movement, and surprise from within; responsible, to respond adequately to a certain social organization and to consistent constructive and economic approaches.

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Zaragoza, Spain
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mariathuroczy, February 20th, 2013
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