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Shenzhen, China
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Under the leadership of partners Liu Xiaodu, Meng Yan and Wang Hui, URBANUS is a think tank providing strategies for urbanism and architecture in the new millennium.

The name of "Urbanus" strongly reflects the office's design approach: reading architectural program from the viewpoint of the urban environment in general, and the ever changing urban situations in specific.

URBANUS is committed to the Modernist belief, that architecture is a pivotal force for better life, and hence architects should push the boundary of their traditional role and be a progressive force in the society.

URBANUS has been involved in more than 200 projects of architecture design and urban planning. The completed works range from culture & education, office, mixed use, renovation & regeneration, residence, interior design, landscape, to urban design & research projects. Urbanus has been invited to worldwide exhibitions and presented in prestigious newspapers and magazines.

Founded in 1999, URBANUS is now based in Beijing and Shenzhen, and is recognized as one of the leading forces among China's design firms. It was featured as one of the ten global "Design Vanguards" by Architectural Record in December, 2005, and has been awarded with many prestigious architecture prizes.

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Shenzhen, China
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mariathuroczy, November 16th, 2011
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