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Andrej Hrausky

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Andrej Hrausky graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana 1976 with Professor Edvard Ravnikar. Already during his studies, he became a member of the editorial board of ab-architects bulletin and began publishing professional articles. Later, for 25 years, he ran the DESSA architectural gallery in Ljubljana and prepared over 200 architectural exhibitions at home and abroad. He wrote even more intensively about architecture and lectures and published articles on Slovenian architecture in many foreign professional journals. Alone or with co-authors, he is the author of several books on the architecture of Joze Plecnik and Maks Fabiani. He was appointed as an expert for the preparation of documentation for the entry of Plecnik's Ljubljana on the UNESCO list. Following the book Symbols in Plecnik's Architecture from 2016, the book Plecnik's Architecture in Ljubljana was published in 2017.

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bostjan, November 9th, 2021
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