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Brutalism, Concrete, Metro Station

Project timeline

1978 – 1981



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0015 Yerevan

Current state


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Yeritasardakan Metro Station Change this

Yerevan, Armenia
by Spartak Kntekhtsyan Change this
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The Yerevan Metro is a rapid transit system that serves the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The system was launched in 1981 and like most former Soviet Metros, its stations are very deep (20–70 meters underground) and intricately decorated with national motifs. The metro runs on a 13.4 kilometers line and currently serves 10 active stations. The use of the system by the city's population has dramatically declined in recent years as a result of the introduction of a new minibus system.

Yeritasardakan is a Yerevan Metro station. It is one of the original metro stations in the city of Yerevan and was opened to the public on 8 March, 1981.



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