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1994 – 2002



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Route de Mazayes
63 230 Saint-Ours-Les-Roches

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Region d'Auvergne

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Saint-Ours-Les-Roches, France
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The entrance to the park with a 'metaphorical volcano'

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Situated within extinct volcanoes on an altitude of 1.000 m this complex serves to inform about, educate on and experience the primeval forces of nature and the creation of our planet. It is highly symbolically charged, with an aura of mystery, the descent into the Earth - the sketches to forward the idea showed etchings for Dante's Inferno. Mostly underground it is approached by a long ramp down towards a metaphorical Volcano - a cone cladded in dark volcanic stone lined inside with golden metal animated by light. Research and conference facilities, IMAX theaters, green houses showing the positive effects of volcanism - fertility - and a restaurant with a view complete the complex situated in a nature park. The site - also used for recreation and hiking - will receive more than 700.000 visitors per year and will help foster tourism in a poor Region.


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