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Concrete, Modernism

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1965 – 1969



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S. Mamede Mountain

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The Tennis Club complex, formed by a building, tennis and shooting camps around at S. Mamede Mountain, Portalegre, was constructed with public funding in the late 1960s, during the dictatorship period in Portugal, to provide a proper space to the ludic activities of the town leading figures.

The architecture project, developed by local architects Teixeira Guerra and Cruz Homem, designs a curved plan with few supports, as a sculpture that lands over a platform that connects the entrance level with the surrounding exterior spaces, hiding below private and technical spaces. The concrete structure that defines this building is attributed to engineer Edgar Cardoso. It is a quite unknown and unstudied building, which history is almost undocumented but kept alive on the town collective memory.

To accommodate the activities of that highly selected group of people, the interior is organised around a major room, defined by the concrete ceiling, served by kitchen and other facilities that allowed the Club members to organise meetings and parties.Following the revolution in 1974 people took over the complex, the tennis and shooting camps were opened for population free use and the building management delivered to the municipality, which later proved not to be able to afford the maintenance that it demands. For some years it was used for weddings and other gathering events and around 1980 became the nightclub that gave it the name which is best known for :“Infinity”. After an intermittent use as disco during the 90's, the building was definitely closed and it's future became uncertain until today.


  • Tiago Mota Saraiva


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