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Antonio Teixeira Guerra

Lisbon, Portugal
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Teixeira Guerra graduated in Architecture in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne in 1956 when he started to work as assistant professor of Jean Andre Tshumi. From 1957 until 1975 worked as consultant on industrial design and, as expert, providing technical assistance for E.F.T.A. and O.C.D.E. In several programs between Portugal and Switzerland. His father Ruy Teixeira Guerra was an important diplomat during the construction of the post-war Europe, representing Portugal at OECE, EFTA, NATO and CEE; was also the owner of Crato's Castle (Portalegre District) that his son inherited.

Guerra responsible for the creation of the Art and Industrial Architecture Nucleus at the National Institute of Industrial Research, in 1960. He developed several projects, such as the Diamang Headquarters in Lisbon (with Carlos Manuel Ramos, 1960) and Crato's Castle rehabilitation and conservation (1992).

Lisbon, Portugal