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Modernism, Viennese Seccesion

Project timeline

1900 – 1901


Private House

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Beckgasse 30

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Karl Langer

Langer House Change this

Vienna, Austria
by Jože Plečnik Change this
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After Karl Langer already laid the foundations for its residential house he asked Plečnik for help. Langer got permission to build on the basis of his own, but not particularly original plan. Since the foundation was already made, Plečnik could change only the facade, staircases and loggia. There are several stylistic influences specially of the Viennese Secession, although Plečnik used some motifs drawn from Belgian and French modern art. Plecnik still used Wagner's principle of "textural facade". Three-storey house was built the then Viennese residential culture. Road facade is designed as a single large carpet through the folding surface stresses the importance of individual rooms inside. Facade and interior staircase interesting to show the effects of different styles.


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