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La Casa Árbol Change this

Alsasua, Spain
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Poyo presents his work Txuspo Tree House, a facility in the middle of an oak forest in the mountains of Navarre. It is a kind of house consisting of two dwellings.

The building is made ​​of wood, and held by creative and unusual anchoring and mooring systems, as the very ladder which leads to the interior, a sturdy rings around the trunk and fitted with rubber bands and wires of steel. No nail has been used against the tree. Poyo Txuspo integrates his work in nature, an oak forest in Navarre environment in their land of origin, and basque, context in which the artist is framed. This "return to nature" can be jarring, at first reading, to those who know of the adventures in New York by this artist cosmopolitan urbanite. But remembering his eagerness to experiment with film concepts and procedures, including those elements of the "seventh art" that have to do with your device, including its architectural spatial organization (cinema as physical room, where every seat is oriented to the screen, the focus of the eyes of the public), and reflecting at the photograph of the tree house, with that viewpoint, it seems that is slowly gaining respect.



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