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Bookstore, Hybrid Architecture

Project timeline

2004 – 2005


Culture & Entertainment

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Paju Book City
South Korea

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Kyomunsa Publishers

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Kyomunsa Change this

Seoul, South Korea
by Daniel Valle Architects Change this
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Kyomunsa Publisher’snew headquarters in Paju Book City is a hybrid building that combines book’s storage with working spaces. The project takes the opportunity to propose a common container capable to absorb both programs. Consequently, the building is thought as a sequence of correlative sections constructed along an eighty meter long structure. The first section is a rectangular, one floor, six by eleven meters shape -“ideal” for storing books- and its last one in a three floor, pitched roof, fifteen by seven meters shape –a section that resembles to a living or working typology. The sequence of sections along the project is smoothly morphing between the first and last one.
The second step is to place the new structure on site. As the site has a forty five meter squared shape –half the size of the building’s length- the structure had to twist itself in order to fit transforming itself from a rectangular to a “V” shape.This operation allows the possibility to relate exterior and interior spaces as the roof of the storage sections meets the same level as the floor of the sections containing the office program.



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