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Terry Farrell

London, United Kingdom
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Sir Terry Farrell is a well-known British architect and urban planner. He studied architecture at the Universities of Newcastle and Pennsylvania, beginning his own practice in 1965. Among his many buildings are the Secret Service Headquarters in Vauxhall, Charing Cross Station, the International Centre for Life in Newcastle, Inchon International Airport in Seoul and The Deep in Hull.

After a competition, he was appointed architect to the Royal Institution in 1999. Farrell drew up a masterplan to rationalise the use of the buildings and to reinterpret them taking account of the present needs of the RI as well as its heritage. His plans were the biggest change in design since Leonard Guthrie's in the early 20th century. Farrell radically changed the layout and added modern touches to the character of the RI's building.

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London, United Kingdom
kolkorto, March 20th, 2011
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