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Contemporary Architecture, Interpolation

Project timeline

2007 – 2011


Private House

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House Lude Change this

Murcia, Spain
by Grupo Aranea Change this
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Lude wanted a house in the traditional village center of Cehegín, on the homes of his mother and sister. the Lude House poses a particular way of relating to their immediate environment. Immersed in a dense urban fabric avoid opening holes directly in front, as does the rest of its neighbors, to direct his gaze along the streets, allowing distant views that are lost in the nearby Sierra de Burete (south) and the Cabecico St. Augustine (East). Apparently oblivious to everything around her, not the Lude House intends to give mass and introversion of traditional buildings in the area. A complex interior flooded with light, filled with music Lude, where still hiding many secrets.



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