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1974 – 1975


Hotel & Restaurant

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Hotel Ruža Change this

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Hotel Ruža designed by Bosnian architect Zlatko Ugljen located in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hotel Ruža is situated on an architecturally fertile ground, at the juncture of Mostar`s historic center. Respecting the 'spirit of the place' here means a symbiosis of multiple layers of regional tradition (Oriental and Mediterranean) and modern architectural language. The composition of fragmented volumes, which tends to create a horizontally partitioned agglomeration, as well as play of the full vs. empty and open vs. closed, developed and applies full and empty - open and closed, contributes to the continuity development of spatial organization.

Individuals belonging to Sarajevo's architectural circle were far more present in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina than in their city over the 1970's. Zlatko Ugljen finalized the construction of three hotels, among them the Hotel Ruža in Mostar which was perfectly incorporated into the structure of the construction heritage of the town with the scale and form that did not insist on imitating the past.


  • Arhitektura Jugoslavije 1945-1990


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