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? – 1967


Hotel & Restaurant

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January 06th, 2017

Hotel Podgorica Change this

Podgorica, Montenegro
by Svetlana Kana Radević Change this
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Hotel Podgorica has a construction controversy as located on the coast of Moraca and whose facade provides a captivating view of the river. The building stands out for interesting solution fitting of a hotel in the quite inaccessible terrain. Kana Radević has been playing a particular game of chess with nature; therefore adaption of the building site and not vice versa. She established a special atmosphere of the hotel visitors and those who watch him from the other side. On the facade Radević has used a specific stone to create sort of traditional material ambient. Although this material is characteristic of the old Montenegrin houses and buildings for various purposes. Svetlana Kana Radević got a Borba award for architecture for Hotel Podgorica in 1967.


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