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Constructivism, Workers’ Club, Palace Of Culture

Project timeline

1931 – 1938


Culture & Entertainment

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Novozavodskaya 27

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Gorbunov Palace of Culture Change this

Moscow, Russia
by Yakov Kornfeld Change this

Gorbunov Palace of Culture (с) Denis Esakov, 2016

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The Palace of Culture was built in 1931-38. in Moscow district Fili at aircraft factory #22. This is the first in Moscow so large Palace of Culture with a diverse indoor use. It reminds Palace of Culture ZIL by Vesnins Brothers in its structure and details. The Palace was named after the director of the aircraft factory S.P. Gorbunov In 1933 after his death in a plane crash. The building is located on the border with Fili Park of Culture and Leisure. The main facade faces north towards the entrance of the former aircraft factory. On the right is the theater and entertainment part with the auditorium with 1400 seats. The bridge-passage on the second and third floors connects it with the club part. Gym is attached at right angles to the club building. Palace in plan can be seen like an airplane wing from above. Possible this is an allusion to the belonging of a complex to the aircraft factory.


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