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Ecology, Bio Design, Gridshell

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18 Marina Gardens
018953 Singapore

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National Parks Board Singapore

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WilkinsonEyre was part of a British-led team that won the design competition for one of the most ambitious cultural projects of recent years – the masterplan for Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. The project, comprised of three separate gardens covering a total of 101
hectares was central to the government’s visionary plan to transform the city-state into a City-in-a-Garden. The end result was the Cooled Conservatory Complex. The two main conservatory structures are among the largest climate-controlled glasshouses in the world, employing low-energy and renewable systems, while additionally being carbon-positive. Each conservatory has a composite structure composed of a gridshell, which works in
tandem with an external superstructure of radially arranged, arched steel ribs. These were introduced primarily to address the lateral loads to the gridshell, although they also give the conservatories their distinctive organic identity.

The combined Conservatories cover an area in excess of 20,000m², and showcase the flora of those environments most likely to be affected by climate change: in the Flower Dome, the cool-dry Mediterranean zone; and in the Cloud Forest, the cool-wet tropical montane. In a city-state famous for its bold architecture, the cooled conservatories at Gar-dens by the Bay form a new landmark for Singapore and is already one of its largest visitor attractions.


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