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Stone, Modernism

Project timeline

1960 – 1961


Culture & Entertainment

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21485 Komiža

Current state


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Community Hall in Komiža Change this

Komiža, Croatia
by Ivan Vitić Change this
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This pavilion building is located on the edge of the compact fishing town of Komiža on the island of Vis. Visitors are led by a path that provides view of the town and the island's highest peak. The building shows respect to tradition and at the same time demonstrates a fine feeling of the space in which it is located.

Cultural center in Komiža was rebuilt after a successful campaign called "A thousand pixels for Vitić" initiated by the Association of Croatian Architects. The objective was to collect funds for a renovation of the house and its return to its original state. The donation opened virtual squares and changed its appearance from black and white picture of the current situation in the color of the future situation after the renovation.



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