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2012 – 2014


Private House

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Casa Granollers Change this

Granollers, Spain
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The building is moved back from the front street line, creating access patios both sides of the house due to the nature of the parcel. These patios allow upper solar gain and at the same time create transition spaces, both physically between the street and the house, and between outdoor and indoor climate. Semi-covered and practicable spaces with retractable roofs tops allow capturing energy during winter time as well as ventilation through summer. This way both, pedestrian entrance from main central street and vehicles access from the opposite side are solved, avoiding typical secondary and often neglected spaces that are often generated by this kind of uses. The qualities of privacy, light, space and thermal comfort of these spaces allow the house to be used and perceived from end to end, without any hidden or residual space. These bioclimatic spaces become the first step of a sequence of areas linking one street to the other offering all along a great variety of conditions, characteristics and properties clearly differentiated among themselves. The addition of this sequence of spaces and thermal conditions creates a ground floor 53 m long totaling 345 m2 dedicated to the most frequent and collective use of the house. It works at the same time as a long continuous hallway, giving access to the private and service areas of the house located on the upper floor and the basement, respectively.

Each one of the rooms was individually treated yet carefully connected with the next one, clearly identifying the specific use of each space is all, at the same time, part of a whole. This approach helps exterior spaces to achieve the quality of a living space, therefore becoming one more room of the house. This way, this main ground floor combines different interior rooms, lower or higher roofs, longer, semi-exterior covered and bioclimatic rooms as well as covered and uncovered outdoor rooms. The sequence of spaces creates some kind of ambiguity about what is an interior or exterior space. At the same time, outdoor spaces are intentionally differentiated, so the presence of greenery and natural ceramic helps to create genuine landscape impressions in a plot without views.


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