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Contemporary Architecture, Environmentally Sustainable Design

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2008, Beijing, China

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Vector Architects
No.8 Dongdaqiao Road
100020 Beijing , China

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"The space, being the vessel of living, has formed an irreplaceable connection between place and experience"
Vector Architects

Vector Architects Change this

Change thisBeijing , China
born 2008, Beijing

Gong Dong

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Vector Architects was founded in 2008, Beijing. Instead of enforcing architect's self-conscious or following icons and superficial forms, a good design has to respect the existing environment with support of logic and reasons. The contemporary Chinese design industry today is rather blundering that the rapid production and pursuit of landmark in height, size and form have become the main stream. Architects no longer devote their effort for the fundamental and substantial truth of architecture. In this environment, the persistence of confronting problems remains essential and crucial. In every project, Vector Architects is devoted to discover the unrevealing relationship and various possibilities in existing context. Through our design, to create the new perception and experience which are exclusive to each project.

Gong Dong is one of the most active young architects in China. He received Bachelor & Master of Architecture from Tsinghua University, followed by a diploma at University of Illinois where he received the Master of Architecture. He also had an exchange experience at Technical University of Munich. During his study in America, Gong Dong received several awards. Prior to establishing his own practice he worked for Soloman Cordwell Buenz & Associates in Chicago, then at Richard Meier and Steven Holl Architects in New York.



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