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August 1st 1938, Kakunodate, Japan

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Tokyo, Japan

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Change thisTokyo, Japan
born 1938, Kakunodate
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Toyokazu Watanabe is Japanese architect born in Kakunodate Town in Japan. In 1961, he graduated from Department of Architecture at the University of Fukui. He worked at the RIA Building Research Institute (1964-70) and on 1970 he founded Toyokazu Watanabe atelier (1972, renamed to Watanabe Toyokawa Building Studio). He is also visiting professor of Kyoto Art Junior College in 1980 and professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design from 1991.

Watanabe design is an anti-modern architecture. From public facility to a private residence, it is not possible to explain the origin of the form of the structure, function or purpose of the building. Watanabe intention is to design using the light as a point, in addition, he is reproducing the original state of architecture before the style of architecture was established, or before becoming a classic.




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