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Scheffield, United Kingdom


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March 14th, 2019

Taking Place Change this

Change thisScheffield, United Kingdom
est. 2010

Katie Lloyd Thomas

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Taking place is a group of 7 women artists and architects (Sue Ridge, Julia Dwyer, Doina Petrescu, Jane Rendell, Katie Lloyd Thomas, Jos Boys, Brigid McLeer, Helen Stratford, Miche Fabre Lewin, Angie Pascoe, Teresa Hoskyns) . It is an ongoing space of discussion, investigation and exchange in which to explore new practices, and to imagine and speculate on new directions and strategies for change. It began in 2000 out of a shared interest in questions of gender and spatial practice. Through various private workshops and public events in response to invitations they have developed a collaborative way of working together which explores and alters institutional space through temporary and participatory interventions and through spatial installations: they are currently developing more permanent and arts based aspects of our work. Taking place describes an act of appropriation and an ongoing fluid process. Their working method is process based and open-ended and depends on site research and exchange with users. They develop proposals individually and work together to choreograph these into a diverse but coherent whole.



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