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Nada Silovic

Rijeka, Zagreb, Croatia
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Nada Silovic graduated from the Architectural Department of the Technical Faculty in Zagreb in 1948. That same year she started working at the Institute for construction and design in Rijeka, where she had the opportunity to realize numerous architectural projects in the city, as well as in a wider area of Istria. During the period of eight years she spent in Rijeka she developed a high-quality, diverse and critically acclaimed practice, achieving the status of an independent architect able to manage complex construction projects and earning respect of colleagues in the local professional community. She had a successful collaboration with Ada Felice-Rosic, a colleague from the Institute for construction and design, with whom she designed one of the first postwar residential and commercial buildings, planned and built according to modernist principles to suit the needs of the new working class.

Apart from multi-story residencies designed in her distinctive style, Nada Silovic will be remembered for her work on adapting the building of former school Brentari into the Science Library (today the University Library) and the Gallery of Fine Arts; this adaptation was the biggest investment in cultural infrastructure during Rijeka's post-war era.

After leaving Rijeka in 1956 she worked in Sibenik for a short while; from 1963 until retiring in 1980 she worked in urbanism offices for the Municipality of Crnomerec, i.e. in Urban Planning Institute of the City of Zagreb. She passed away in 2009.

Besides residential and cultural buildings, her varied architectural output includes restaurants, factory workshops, hospitals and business buildings. As a planner, she worked on spatial development of Cernomerec and on medium-term spatial plan of Zagreb. She obtained her master's degree at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 1977, with the topic 'Problems in Spatial Planning of Excursion Recreation'.

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Rijeka, Zagreb, Croatia
sonjadragovic, April 1st, 2019
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