Keywords Change this

Critic, Socialist, Future Architecture Platform, Anarchist, Conceptual


January 1st 2016, Vienna, Austria

Selected Architecture

Practice / Active in Change this

Josefstädterstrasse 74
1080 Vienna, Austria

Awards Change this

  • 2015 - 1st Prize Metropolis idea competition
  • 2016 - Outstanding Artist Award - experimental design
  • 2016 - mention OOA experimental tendencies in Architecture
  • 2016 - honorable mention NYC Aquarium
  • 2016 - 1st Prize Metamorphosis idea competition

TAB collective Change this

Change thisVienna, Austria
est. 2016, Vienna


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About Change this

TAB is a workgroup based in Vienna, Austria. We focus on socio-political topics in connection with architecture and design. In our theoretical and architectural projects, we aim to question current agendas and strive for different solutions. The collective's contributors are Philippe Jans, Therese Leick, Charles Rauchs and Wilhelm Scheruebl.



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