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1940, Tirana, Albania

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  • 1982 - Award for Architecture, from the Association of Kosovo Artists
  • 1987 - Annual Award for Architecture newspaper "Borba" for the "Kosovafilm", as a best realized building in Kosovo
  • 1989 - Annual award for outstanding achievement in the field of Cultural Creativity in Kosovo

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July 01st, 2014

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born 1940, Tirana
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Sali Spahiu was born in Tirana (Albania) in 1946. He was graduated in 1973 from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at Sarajevo University. He started practicing architecture at the design office of the Construction Company KIN "Ramiz Sadiku" in Prishtina. After a short period of work at the City Planning Authority in Prishtina, he joined in 1975 The Institute for Urban and Architectural Design in Pristina, from where he retired in 2011.

After the establishment of the architectural studies at Pristhina University in 1978, for several years he worked as a design studio teacher on architectural design of public buildings. For his creative work he was awarded with several awards and professional recognitions.

Sali SPAHIU has participated in many collective exhibitions organized in Kosovo and abroad. Kosovafilm
building was also prsented by Architect IVAN Strauss in his book "ARHITEKTURA JUGOSLAVIJE 1945-1990","Svjetlost" - Sarajevo 1991.


- Post Office building Vushtri and Kačanik (1979)
- Remodeling of University of Prishitna Rectorate building (1982)
-"Kosovafilm" building - Pristina (1987)
- Shopping Center "Sunny Hill" - Pristina (with H. Binakaj)(2001)
- Dental Clinic - Pristina (with M. Etemi) (2007)
- Glloboçica border crossing facilities (Kosovo - Macedonia) (with M. Etemi) (2010)
- Shopping Center "LESNA AF" - Pristina (with M. Etemi, Linda Spahiu-Emrullahu) (2013)
- Kosovo - Norwegian House - Restelicë (2011)
- Housing and Business "LESNA" - Pristina (with M. Ethemi and Linda Spahiu-Emrullahu) (2010)
- Commercial building "International Village" - Pristina (2009)


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