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1966, Singen am Hohentwiel, Germany

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Gnädinger Architekten
Heidestrasse 3
14109 Berlin, Germany

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Change thisBerlin, Germany
born 1966, Singen am Hohentwiel
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Rolf Gnädinger was born in Singen am Hohentwiel, Germany in 1966. He studied architecture in Karlsruhe and received his diploma in 1992.

Collaborated with M. Weindel in Karlsruhe in 1992, then he worked at Sieverts & Partner in Frankfurt and Berlin. He established Gnädinger Haack Architekten in 1996, and in 1999 founded his own firm Gnädinger Architekten.

The office of Gnädinger Architekten is located in Berlin, Wannsee, employs four to six employees and designs all types of buildings, varying in size, for commercial and urban development. Rolf Gnädinger, who through his firm has already received several awards for outstanding projects for the BDA (Bundesbauministerium/the federal building industry), designs and conceptualizes buildings out of compositional elements and clean clear forms.

Their philosophy that a clear composition of today's architectural forms and elements can be very well in harmony with spatial, historical the and socio-cultural requirements - without compromising use of historical patterns.


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