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Vienna, Austria

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Robert Temel
Vienna, Austria

Robert Temel Change this

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born Vienna
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Robert Temel is architecture and urbanism researcher in Vienna. He studied architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and did the postgraduate program in sociology at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna. His research interest is oriented towards the use and production of architecture and the city, especially housing, urbanism and public space. He is co-author of Temporary Urban Spaces. Concepts for the Use of City Spaces (Birkhäuser 2006); “Housing as Opportunity. An Austrian Perspective” in Before Architecture (Springer 2008); “And Why Should We Stop at the Building? The Relationship of the Viennese Housing System to its Residents” (Generalist 4/2010, Use and Habit) and author of “The Means and the End” in The Force is in the Mind. The Making of Architecture (Birkhäuser 2008); “In the Interim, Everything Changes”, in Between Times (Uitgeverij Sun 2010).

He is a speaker of Plattform Baukultur (Platform building culture) since 2013. Co-founder and member of the board of Initiative für gemeinschaftliches Bauen und Wohnen (initiative for community building and housing) since 2009. Before that, was a chairman of Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur (Austrian Architectural Society) 2003 to 2009, member of the board 1998 to 2010.



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