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January 1st 1962, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Architektenbureau Paul de Ruiter
Valschermkade 36D
1059 CD Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Change thisAmsterdam, Netherlands
born 1962, Amsterdam
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Paul de Ruiter, born in 1962, is a Dutch architect and principal of the Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter in Amsterdam. He studied at the Technical University Delft and graduated cum laude in 1990. Before founding his own office in 1994 he worked with leading architectural offices in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

Besides his design activities Paul de Ruiter works on a doctoral dissertation on climate active facades. He gives lectures, writes articles for professional journals and teaches at the Dutch technical universities. Paul de Ruiter is chairman of the foundation Living Daylights and is committed to several institutions that aim at a sustainable society.


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