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1894, Moscow, Russia

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born 1894, Moscow
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Nikolai Dzhemsovich Kolli (1894 - 1966) was a Russian Constructivist architect and city planner.
Born in Moscow, Kolli studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and then at Vkhutemas. He first came to attention with a 1918 proposal for a monument celebrating the victory of the Red Army over General Krasnov, in the form of a red wedge cleaving a block of white stone, an image that El Lissitzky subsequently appropriated and refined.
Kolli studied under Ivan Zholtovsky as one of his "Twelve Disciples" and became a member of both the Soviet OSA Group (Union of Contemporary Architects) and a delegate to the international CIAM architectural group in the late 1920s. From 1928 through 1932 he lived part time in Paris, assisting Le Corbusier in the architect's only built work in Moscow, the Tsentrosoyuz building.
From 1935 to 1951 he headed the Moscow branch of the Soviet Union of Architects. He's buried in the Vvedenskoye Cemetery.


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