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Slovenian Modernism

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July 9th 1904, Algersdorf, Austria

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Juraj Neidhardt
Jože Plečnik
Le Corbusier

Milan Sever Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
born 1904, Algersdorf
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Milan Sever attended a technical high school in Ljubljana frpm 1918 -1923. After finishing school he worked as a technician at the Construction Directorate in Ljubljana frm 1924 -1927. He graduated in 1932 as one of Plečnik's students. As a scholar of the French Government, he worked in Paris (1933-1934) at Le Corbusier. He worked with the construction company Slograd from 1940-1941 in Novi Sad as a designer in the bureau of architect Juraj Neidhardt, and from 1941-1942 in the municipality construction department in Ljubljana. The Italian occupier arrested him and intervened in Gonars (1942-1943), after his release he worked as an illegal immigrant in Ljubljana (1943-1945). After 1945 he was assistant director of the construction company Gradis and until 1947 was professor at the Technical College of the University of Ljubljana. From 1947-1950 he was a Head of the Ministry of Construction. Since 1950 he worked at the Architecture Department of the Ljubljana FAG where he lectured architectural constructions.



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