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1996, Barcelona, Spain

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Hidalgo Hartmann
Street Rosselló número 302, 2on 2ª
08037 Barcelona, Spain

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Change thisBarcelona, Spain
est. 1996, Barcelona
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Hidalgo Hartmann is an architectural practice founded in 1996, by Jordi Hidalgo i Tané and Daniela Hartmann.

Jordi Hidalgo i Tané was born in Olot, Spain, in 1967. He graduated in architecture at the Technical College Architecture of Vallés in Barcelona, in 1993 and from 1992 until 1995 he worked at Lluís Bravo architecture studies, Capella.Larrea.Castellví Associats, Pep Zazurca and Tomàs Morató and Jaume Arderiu.

Daniela Hartmann was born in 1964, in Münster, Germany. She graduated in interior architecture at the FH Mainz in Germany. From 1992 to 1995 she worked in different architecture studios: Capella.Larrea.Castellví Associats and Tonet Sunyer.



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