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July 6th 1934, Klagenfurt, Austria

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Architekten Domenig & Wallner
Jahngasse 9/I
8010 Graz, Austria

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Change thisGraz, Austria
born 1934, Klagenfurt
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Günther Domenig (born July 6th, 1934 in Klagenfurt) is an Austrian architect. Domenig studied architecture at the Technische Universität, Graz (1953-1959), and after working as an architectural assistant, set up in practice with Eilfried Huth (1963-1973), producing highly regarded buildings in a brutalist vein. Domening's first internationally acclaimed completed work was the Z-bank in Vienna, which signalled a much more expressionistic, counter-modernist aesthetic. Domenig's subsequent work has been important, particularly in the exploration of free flowing, highly modelled but technically precise architecture which has achieved a wide acceptance for commercial and public commissions (as in, for example, the work of Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind).

A group of architects based in Graz achieved recognition following the 'Grazer Schule' exhibition and widely disseminated catalogue (published 1984), with Domening the most significant member in terms of built works and international standing.

Domenig's own house, the 'Steinhaus' at Lake Ossiach, a lake near Klagenfurt, became a personal manifesto. Over the many years of its construction, it was both an outlet for his technical and formal experimentation, and a focus for his architectural aspirations. The Steinhaus has become a cultural icon, having hosted concerts, been the subject of television and art projects, and having featured in many books and magazines.


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