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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Gregorc Vrhovec
Dvorni trg 1
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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DANS Arhitekti

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"'We are interested in questions whether architecture can be a product and whether is it possible to produce good architecture for reasonable money,' "
Gregorc Vrhovec

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Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
est. Ljubljana
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Vanja Gregorc and Ales Vrhovec started GregorcVrhovec in 1996, after both working in interior design and town planning. Their Ljubljana office is small, with three employees. As well as undertaking commercial interiors and even a factory, the office both designs and builds, part of their search for new ways of organising the architect-client relationship, and new ways of living.

The studio admires the American Case Study Program, for its 'initiative, social awareness, elegant ideas of widespread distribution of quality of life, architectural generosity and obviously, for its aesthetics'. They're also fascinated by mass production in the auto industry and the rarefied world of the superyacht.



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