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April 27th 1956, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Erik van Egeraat

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Change thisRotterdam,
born 1956, Amsterdam
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Erick van Egeraat (born 27 April 1956, Amsterdam) is a Dutch architect. He is based in Rotterdam but particularly active in Germany and Russia. Erick van Egeraat graduated from the Technical University of Delft, Department of Architecture, with honourable mention in 1984 and was the co-founder of Mecanoo.

In 1995 he established (EEA) Erick van Egeraat associated architects with offices in Rotterdam, Moscow, Budapest, London and Prague. In order to better meet the demands of a portfolio as diverse as his, Erick van Egeraat successfully restructured his company early 2009 into what is now Designed by Erick van Egeraat. At the same time he founded EMEM IOB Nederland, together with the well-known Dutch engineers of IOB.

His works include the "The Rock" office tower, Zuidas in Amsterdam, the new Dynamo Stadium in Moscow and together with NBBJ the "Capital City" in Moscow.


Posted by Guest | Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 | 13:16pm
The ultimate aim of all creative activity is building." (?) Perhaps one could better use the word "rebuilding", for from my experience it is the uncertainty implied in the changes of mind that are of the essence of creativity, -as when the eyes make a stab at (create), what the uncertain or half seen distant object is most likely to be. And surely the development of a culture its self is of the nature of such accumulations of trials, in which "error" has a bad press, -even from Picasso. ("A painting is a sum of destructions").
So, if there is an aim to creative activity it is to do with the accumulation of changes of mind, which I take to emphasize the interactivity and relative movement between things.
(Not that i think these words or any others diminish the value of the above inspiring architecture

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