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2004, Barcellona, Spain

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Barozzi / Veiga
c/ Bailen 36 1º2ª
08010 Barcellona, Spain

Barozzi / Veiga Change this

Change thisBarcellona, Spain
est. 2004, Barcellona

Alberto Veiga and Fabrizio Barozzi

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Spanish architect Alberto Veiga and Italian architect Fabrizio Barozzi began collaborating in 2004, making a name for themselves with a series of award-winning submissions to architectural competitions in Europe. Their unique and strikingly beautiful buildings and designs, often inspired by the surrounding environment, embody their philosophy of a simple architecture based on fundamental principles of light and scale.

Their works include an auditorium in Águilas, Spain that echoes the shape of a nearby rock; a dance school in Zurich, Switzerland featuring a series of inverted triangles; and a symphony hall in Szczecin, Poland that is inspired by the verticality of the surrounding buildings. The latter, completed in 2014, has won numerous prizes, including the prestigious 2015 Mies van der Rohe Award.


  • Anita Malhotra


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