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2001, Terrassa, Spain

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BAMMP Arquitectes I Associats
c/del Vall 59 - c/doctor Cabanes 22
08221 Terrassa, Spain


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June 22nd, 2017

Bammp Arquitectes Change this

Change thisTerrassa, Spain
est. 2001, Terrassa
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BAMMP Arquitectes i Associats is made up by Francesc Bacardit (founder on 1972), Jaume Armengol and Josep Malgosa (join on 1987), Joaquim Mompel (join on 1990), Ferran Pont (join on 1993). Mateu Baylina, Montserrat Garcia, Carles Gelis, and Xavier Delgado became partners on 2008. It is an organization of professionals in architecture, urban planning, and construction, with extensive experience in (residential building, buildings for public use, facilities, interventions in the heritage, planning, and conditioning of the Urban plot and the landscape. The practice combines the taste for architecture with the criteria of technical effectiveness and the pragmatism of the construction.


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